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What are the biggest benefits of studio sessions?

Location Spotlight

Debating where to have your next family session? Look no further than the stunning Little Studio in Flowery Branch for your next session! It has everything you need to make your next session relaxing, fun, and give you stunning photographs. What’s the best part? There’s no extra fees for your studio session here, so what do you have to lose? Here’s my 3 favorite reasons why studio sessions are the best

Studio session can take place any time of day

With most of our outdoor sessions, we are working around that sweet golden hour light. In the summer months, the best time for these sessions are in the super early morning or late evening hours when kids are typically at their grumpiest. Studios are perfect in that they allow us to fit your schedule around your kids’ nap times and find a time when they are happiest to help ensure those beautiful happy smiles.

The studio has tons of props and backdrops to help your vision come to life

In this studio, we have access to so many colors of backdrop paper that will allow us to get that polished portrait looks that you love. There are also tons of props that we can use for your little one’s studio session to make sure that your photos are personalized just for you.

For lifestyle newborn sessions, there are so many beautiful baskets and blankets that we can use to add a little extra pizazz to your photos. For your older kids, there is a beautiful rocking horse that the kids go crazy for as well as ample space to dance and be silly!

You have access to the beautiful client closet right at the studio

My favorite new offering that comes along with the studio? The amazing Little Studio client closet!

This closet is full of amazing multisized gowns for both pregnant and non-pregnant Mamas that will help you look and feel your best! (And to make it even better, it makes planning your family’s next session a breeze!)

If you are a Mama who feels anxious before a session, you’re welcome to come to the studio to try on a few favorite dresses ahead of time to find what works best for you. Or, if you are more go with the flow, choose your favorite gown from photos from previous sessions and I’ll have it reserved and ready to go for you!

Want a sneak peek of some client closet dresses? Check out the client closet’s Instagram page here to see some of these beautiful outfits in action!

Not interested in using a dress from the closet? That’s totally okay too! Check out my blog post with 3 top tips for styling your family for your next session!

So, what are you waiting for? Send me a message so we can plan your family’s next studio session at this gorgeous Flowery Branch studio and make your next session the easiest and most fun one yet!

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