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Top 4 Tips for Preparing Your Toddler for a Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle Newborn

The toddler stage is such an exciting age, and it becomes even more precious when your toddler finally becomes a big brother or sister! This special bond between new siblings is definitely something you want to capture during your lifestyle newborn session, but it may make your stomach hurt to think about everything that goes into photographing a toddler and newborn together! (Or maybe that’s just the pregnancy hormones making you a little queasy!) Here are a few top tips for siblings at newborn sessions so they can make it through the session without tears.

Grandma looks down at newborn grandson and smiles at him during lifestyle newborn session in Gwinnett County, Georgia


Are grandparents in town to help out as you bring your newborn home? They can be a huge help during our lifestyle newborn session! I typically try to have photos with big brother and sister finished within the first 15-minutes of the session so that they are happy and fresh for the session and then let them go play for the last hour or so. Having someone else on hand to watch them will allow you to still be part of the session without having to worry about what trouble your big kid is getting in to. (And as a bonus for grandma and grandpa? They can always sneak in a few pictures too before taking your big kiddo to go play! Win-win!)

Four brothers lay on bed with heads touching and smile at camera during the newborn session for the youngest in Buford, GA


I know it sounds terrible to bribe your little one, but when you’re capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories of your family, it doesn’t hurt to have something on hand that will help produce those sweet smiles! I always recommend having something like gummies, marshmallows, or puffs on hand to encourage your child to focus before going to have their treat. They have something to look forward to and you have those sweet smiles without the meltdown!


I don’t know about you, but when my toddler is inconsolable when interrupted from her favorite TV show! (Thanks a lot, Blippi!) So, I recommend keeping the TV off in the morning before the session so that your little one does not have to be pulled away from the show for photos. Instead, maybe you can reward your older kids with a little TV time at the end of a session for a job well done!

Three brothers lean in to kiss their newborn brother at his lifestyle newborn session


This tip is the most important one for all parents! Your toddler is going through the biggest change he’s ever had in his life! He may be a little clingy or fussy, or maybe he doesn’t want anything to do with his new little sibling. It’s okay!

I’m not in the business of forcing kids to do anything they don’t want to do, and if we try, we are just going to have a stressed out family and not great images. It’s okay for us to go at his pace and see what he’s in the mood to do. If he wants to stay in Dad’s lap the whole time, that’s totally fine! We will get beautiful pictures of him there! If he doesn’t want to give kisses to the baby? No worries! Maybe he will give a hug or pat baby’s head instead. There’s always a way we can get those sweet images you want without having a stressed-out toddler!

These sessions are meant to be a fun time to remember this special stage of life. If you need some tips about how to prepare you home for your newborn lifestyle session, or if you need to learn exactly what a lifestyle newborn session is, be sure to check out my linked blog posts!

If we keep these tips in mind during your session, we can capture beautiful memories of your growing family without all the stress!

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