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Top 3 Tips for Helping Kids Have a Great Session

Tips for Sessions

Ever felt stressed about getting THE perfect pictures of your kiddos?

Hey, parents! Thinking about booking a session for your little love bugs, but nervous about paying money for photos if there’s a chance your little one won’t cooperate? Don’t worry! Photo sessions with kiddos are supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful! As a Flowery Branch, Georgia family photographer, I have 3 favorite tips that we can use to help your kiddos be as successful as possible!

Tip 1: Take a Break!

First of all, don’t stress about getting the perfect smile every minute of the shoot. If your kiddo is starting to get tired and needs a break, no worries! We can always sneak in some shots of you and the significant other while your little one takes a breather. (Yes, you two matter too!)

Mom and Dad stand in a field with arms around each other and look at a camera in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Tip 2: Follow their Lead

Secondly, photographing little ones means going at their pace! If your kiddo just needs to run, then I will snap some pictures of that! If your toddler wants to dance, then we can all have a dance party. When I was a teacher, I learned to follow the child’s lead to get the best results. It’s the same philosophy as a photographer, because the kids respond best when they are having fun and feel in control!

Two girls run to hug their dad in a field in Duluth, Georgia.

Tip 3: Have a Sweet Treat in your Back Pocket

Finally, sometimes a little “bribe” can go a long way! While we try not to use this trick every day, for a family photo session, it can be worth it! Bring your kiddo’s favorite treat like gummies or marshmallows to the shoot and see their face light up with smiles at the thought of getting a sweet reward for a job well done.

Little girl sits down and smiles at camera with her dress all around her in an open field.

With these three reminders, your little one will end up having a good ol’ time and you will be sure to end up with some memories you will cherish for a lifetime!

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