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What’s the Difference Between Mini-Sessions and Full Sessions?


Are Mini-Sessions or Full Sessions a better fit for me?

You know that you want to take some great pictures of your loved ones. Now you have to decide what type of session to book. But how do you choose? Both mini-sessions and full sessions are great options for you and your family, but the two sessions have some big differences that may help you figure out which one is best for you in this season of life.


Full photo sessions are photo sessions lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour. You have the opportunity to choose what location you’d like to take your pictures at and what date the sessions take place. With a full session package, you are able to choose how many images you’d like to include in your final gallery. Full sessions include anywhere from 20 images all the way up to 50 depending on the session package you choose.

Full Sessions are Great for Families

This is a great option if you are looking for a specialty shoot, such as an extended family session, a Senior session, maternity session, or a lifestyle newborn session. You will want ample time for the shoot to get all of the images and combinations that you want to ensure that this special moment in time is captured well for your family. Mini-sessions just don’t quite offer the full experience you should have when creating memories for these important milestones.

Full sessions are helpful for families that have little ones that take a while to warm up around new people or in front of a camera as well. You’ll have plenty of time for your kiddos to get to know me and feel comfortable in front of the camera so we can get those great smiles you’re hoping for. We even have time during a full session to scout out a few different photo backgrounds at our location so that you can have a full gallery of diverse images to fall in love with.

Why I Love Full Sessions

I love full sessions because you as the client get to have more control over the type of location to have as your beautiful session background as well as find the date that works best for your schedule. (With you in charge of session timing, you can request that perfect beautiful golden hour lighting every time you book a session, too!). Choose which session package is the best for you by checking out the Full Session Packages tab above!

A family of 4 walk together smiling at each other with two teenage boys on the ends in Flowery Branch, Georgia at a mini-session.


Mini-sessions are not solely photo sessions that take less time than full sessions. The photographer chooses a specified date and time for these sessions, as well as the session location. These mini-sessions are not offered as a “stand alone” session on any given day. Oftentimes, these sessions have some sort of a theme, from Easter sessions with baby bunnies to Mommy & Me sessions and Meet Santa sessions.

Katie Redmon Photography offers mini-sessions several dates each season so that you have a variety of times to choose from for your family. These sessions often last for 10 to 15-minutes in length and you are able to keep 5 images from your session. Typically for mini-sessions, I will show you a digital album of 20 images and you choose your favorites from there! If you would like to upgrade your gallery to receive even more images after the session, you are able to do so at that time.

A perk of mini-sessions is that you are able to get high quality professional images of your family in a short timespan. These sessions go by quickly, so kids are less likely to get tired and need breaks. Another perk of these sessions is that they cost less money than the average full sessions. Sometimes, a specialty mini-session location can make the session price tag be a little higher (Santa has to pay those elves too, you know!). Overall, these sessions offer you the same beautiful images at a lower price point.

I hold mini-sessions throughout Gwinnett County and Hall County, Georgia throughout the year, so check out the tabs on my booking site for the most up-to-date mini-sessions and to book your family’s spot!

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